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Museum Brandhorst – Forever Young

Anniversary Campaign for Museum Brandhorst


Our task: Concept, Campaign design, Type Design.

Collaboration with Nam Huynh

Schönste Deutsche Bücher

Every year, the "Most Beautiful German Books" competition brings together the greatest designers and the most ingenious production ideas. With the 2023 catalogue, we wanted to slow things down a little. Simple and practical—like a telephone directory when it still had a meaning. All the information about each work is presented in one place, with each book given as much space as possible, shown from all sides. A thumb index provides an overview and the best possible usability. 

With the catalogue’s provocatice cover, embossed gold on pink, we wanted to ask: How do we standardise beauty? Inside, it's a bit of a tease with a maximum of blandness: All we show is flat scans, printed on cheap greyish works paper, all info set in an oversized, brittle Arial Typeface.

Future Bodies

Exhibition identity for MUSEUM BRANDHORST

The exhibition brings to life a hitherto little-noticed phenomenon in art, and more particularly in sculpture: the reciprocal interpenetration of body and technology. With more than 100 works and several large-scale installations by about 60 artists—primarily from Europe, the United States, and Japan—the exhibition focuses on the major technological changes since World War II and their influence on our ideas of the body.


Our tasks: Visual identity, campaign, exhibition design, bespoke typeface design

Image credits:, Museum Brandhorst

Animation in collaboration with Aljoscha Höhborn.

Venezia 500
Schauburg 2023Campaign

Concept and illustration for the 2023 campaign of SCHAUBURG.
The SCHAUBURG is one of the largest and most renowned theatres for young audiences in Germany. 


This season, together with the SCHAUBURG team, we are asking WHY DO WE FIGHT? But also FOR WHAT? and HOW? Because no life together is without conflict. Only there, where it is mostly suppressed in a brutal way—in any form of autocracy. So it is a matter of shaping our quarrels well. Constructive, passionate, committed, fair: For the best solutions, for the right to dispute, for peace and joy, and not least about art. Let us argue well.


Our Tasks: Concept, Text, Ideation, Campaign Design, Editorial Design,


CeMASLogo Animation

Corporate Design for CeMAS. The nonprofit Center for Monitoring, Analysis, and Strategy (CeMAS) consolidates years of interdisciplinary expertise on the topics of conspiracy ideologies, disinformation, antisemitism, and right-wing extremism. CeMAS addresses current developments in the above-mentioned fields through systematic monitoring of central digital platforms and modern study designs in order to derive innovative analyses and recommendations for action. Furthermore, CeMAS advises decision makers from civil society, media and politics.

Die Architekturmaschine

Exhibition identity and book design for Museum of Architecture in Munich.


Architecture was swept up in the digital revolution a long time ago. This book recounts the story of the influence that computers and architecture have had on each other, from the beginnings in the 1950s through to today. In four chapters, it presents the computer as a drawing machine, as a design tool, as a medium for storytelling, and as an interactive communication platform. Obviously, these developments have changed architecture. But the question remains: In what areas did they affect architecture the most? And: How have architects influenced this process?


Exhibition design in collaboration with Curious About.

Image credits: Florian Bengert, Fabian Frinzel,

UnternehmenFormBusiness Cards

Brand development and positioning for and with the Stuttgart-based UnternehmenForm: we accompany Alexander Seifried and team in the development of a new narrative of their own identity. After 20 years, the company has evolved from a furniture retailer to outfitter for working environments, industrial design studio and event host. A new signet leads back to the origin of the company: the initials U and F, reduced to their basic shapes round and rectangular, formulate the companies claim: design through reduction to the essentials. The sub-brands UF Studio and UF Raum, as well as the company's own UF Collection, create a new order and make the versatility of UnternehmenForm visible.


Our tasks: Brand positioning and development, corporate design
Image credits:, Fabian Frinzel, Zooey Braun

Schauburg 2018
E.M.T. in MSP

Publication design for Heinz Peter Knes’ work E.M.T. in MSP. Taken in the mid-1990s, the celebrated work of 85 photographs documents the artist’s younger siblings Eva, Mirjam and Thomas as they emerge into puberty and young adulthood in the small Catholic town of Fellen. E.M.T. in MSP addresses poignant issues around identity, youth and heritage through a profoundly intimate lens. The story of E.M.T in MSP’s inception is a curious one. While still a student in the mid 90s, artist Heinz Peter Knes began photographing his younger siblings in the small town of Fellen in Lower Franconia. The photos were plucked by various fashion magazines from the early 2000s forward and presented in a variety of conceits.


Image credits: Edition Taube, Heinz Peter Knes

max goelitz

Corporate identity for gallery max goelitz.


max goelitz was founded in Munich in March 2020 and shows an international and contemporary program. The gallery represents established and emerging artistic positions in conceptual and post-minimal art and focuses on the intersection of art and current technologies. The dynamic and cutting-edge gallery model is characterized by a combination of digital innovation and traditional art historical expertise. At its core is an ongoing, collaborative partnership with artists and a fundamental support of artistic freedom. 


Image credits: Dirk Tacke, max goelitz gallery,

Das Venedig Gefühlembossed cover
Factory Museum Brandhorst
Olympiastadt München
Heaven in CloudsSlipcase
Various Others 2021Social Media Campaign
88 StonesCover
HKF HölzlKnoteFrischholz
Haus im Tal
Studio Nitsche Identity
Various Others 2019Citylight
LANI Immobilien
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